Team Dresch

Team Dresch are a punk/ Queercore band who formed in the 1990s and made a significant impression on that movement, as well as on the independent music scene.

Donna Dresch, founder of the band, had been involved in the queercore scene in the late 1980s and early 90's as creator of her own fanzine ''Chainsaw'' and, in addition to contributing to other zines such as ''Outpunk'' and ''J.D.s'', she was featured on the cover of issue five of ''Homocore'' and appeared in the girl-gang film ''The Yo-Yo Gang'' by G.B. Jones.

The line up of the group for their first recordings was Donna Dresch, guitar and bass; Jody Bleyle, guitar and vocals; Kaia Wilson, guitar and vocals; and Marcéo Martinez on drums. All were veterans of other musical outfits; Donna Dresch had previously played and recorded with such bands as Dinosaur Jr., Dangermouse, Screaming Trees, Rastro!, Fifth Column, Some Velvet Sidewalk, Lois, Mary Lou Lord and The Go Team; Jody Bleyle was simultaneously in the band Hazel while playing in Team Dresch; Kaia Wilson had been in the band Adickdid and Marci Martinez in Calamity Jane.

Their first single,''Hand Grenade'', appeared on Kill Rock Stars in 1994. ''Personal Best'', the album which followed it, appeared as a co-release on the independent labels Chainsaw Records, run by Dresch and Candy Ass Records, run by Bleyle. The next co-release by these labels was the compilation ''Free To Fight'', a double LP of all-women bands addressing issues such as harassment and rape and dedicated to self-defense. The band toured with self-defense instructor Alice Stagg, who spoke and gave demonstrations to the audience prior to the bands' performance. The members were committed to a DIY ethic, running their own record labels and booking their own tours.

On their second recording Melissa York, previously of the hardcore punk bands Vitapup and Born Against replaced Marcéo Martinez. This LP, ''Captain My Captain'', also featured a guest appearance by Phranc, well known lesbian musician. As well, the song "Uncle Phranc", written as a tribute to her, appears on this album.

When Sister Mantos takes the stage, their psychedelic blend of LATIN BEATS, PUNK ATTITUDE, and FUNK RHYTHMS invigorate the crowd to dance, sing and rejoice.

Sister Mantos sings songs in Spanish and English about love, QUEER & POC empowerment, and utopias that are free of war and oppression.

Sister Mantos is a solo performance band or a huge orchestra depending on the time and place but a guaranteed party either way.

Audiences are sent on a spaced out psychedelic road trip and treated to mystical experience of spastic dancing, bumping beats, and POSITIVE ENERGY.

Originally started as an alias for a solo music/art performance project by Oscar Miguel Santos in 2008, Sister Mantos has transformed into a live band multi-instrumental band that traverses sonic genres.

$15 - $17


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