SOLD OUT: Team Dresch

Team Dresch

TEAM DRESCH erupted out of the early 90's Pacific Northwest activist-punk-radical-grunge-queercore-&-riot-grrrl-fever-pitch-lesbionic-action that would forever change the landscape of music and politics. Team Dresch plays gnarly beautiful and raw punk music with a message of loving your freaky queer self. The band received much critical acclaim, toured the US and Europe extensively, and released two albums, Personal Best and Captain My Captain.

Donna, Jody, and Kaia each ran record labels (Chainsaw, Candy-Ass, and Mr. Lady) that powered much of the queer and feminist music of the time. The Need, Free to Fight Self-Defense Project, Sleater-Kinney, The Butchies, Le Tigre, The Vegas Beat, Lovebutt, and lots more.

Team Dresch split in the later 90's but have subsequently reunited for various tours and shows. Their live shows never disappoint and are an energy storm of hair and thrashing guitars—PUNK EMO GRUNGECORE. Plus Marcéo and Donna will say funny things, Jody will cry, and Kaia will talk about dog sports. Come to the show, sing along, Freewheel, and Remember Who You Are. If you think you belong, you do! xoxox Stay free!  


Carrying the torch of Portland’s rich history of queer & feminist punk rock bands, Cockeye electrifies Pacific Northwest audiences with their hilarious, raucous and heartfelt live shows.


"Deathlist is the solo recording project of Summer Cannibals bassist Jenny Logan. [Her] self-titled debut [is] six tracks of frenzied punk rock that riff wildly until they're caught in a buzzy entanglement of guitar-driven chaos. Standout track "Every Wish" plays like a slow-dance duet sung by these hyperactive electric guitar parts and Logan, who asks in a subdued tone, 'How do you know it ends tonight?'"
-Portland Mercury

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