DJ Fritzos Music Video Jam  (11PM FREE), aBIRD, Janet LaBelle, Quality Living, The Furies, Rosey Bengal

DJ Fritzos Music Video Jam (11PM FREE)

djFRiTZo is a filmmaker, soundscaper, and crowd motivator. An original Brooklynite, Fritzo proudly shoulders the mission of cultivating the true spirit of NYC nightlife: when partying was about expression, style, and sweat. A true music lover, djFRiTZo has a vinyl collection of over 20,000 records, and an equally extensive digital library of music and videos, that span many genres and eras.

As a former music video director, he created the Music Video Jam! where in he mixes music videos on HD screens, immersing guests in a titillating visual and sonic experience.

Having honed his craft over the years in countless NYC clubs, bars, lounges, galleries, warehouses, a night with djFRiTZo is always an entertaining musical adventure thru time and space.

Making music professionally since her mid-teens, New Jersey native LaBelle won an indie record deal at age 16 with her punk-pop band Avery, toured nationally with the group, and had her songs featured in TV shows and on radio stations nationwide. Since launching a solo career, Janet has also played in bands like Jimmy Destri and the Sound Grenade (his famed group Blondie was one of her youthful favorites) and New York psychedelic garage rockers Sharkmuffin as well as performing with jazz producer and songwriter JC Hopkins – known for his work with Norah Jones and Willie Nelson – in his Biggish Band.

Quality Living

Quality Living is a band. It’s our band. This bio is in the first person. Here is some qualifying language that you can feel free to attach to our band: the 90s; the 70s; slacking off; videogames; working hard; trumpets; attempting to not be too heart-on-sleeve and occasionally failing; the aughts; whatever “yacht rock” is; going a little overboard sometimes; saxophones; fragmentation; falling back in love with the guitar; New Jersey; homemade recordings; depressive episodes; heckle us, we deserve it; and so forth.

Thus far, Quality Living have a released a debut self titled full length in 2016 followed by a series of singles. A new album is planned for late 2019.

Lee Moretti - Lead Vocals / Guitar
Eden Rayz - Cello / Vocals
Maddie Rice - Lead Guitar / Vocals
Gabby Sherba - Bass / Vocals
Jas Kayser - Drums

Evan - Guitar, Vocals
Jim - Guitar, Lap Steel, Vocals
Rich - Bass
Branden - Drums
Brandon V - Piano/Organ


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