Xavier Wulf is an American Rapper/Songwriter who hails from East Memphis, Tennessee.

Once known as Ethelwulf, Wulf was a member of the rap outfit Raider Klan releasing his debut mixtape in 2012 titled “The Wolf Gang’s Rodolphe”. Wulf later left the Klan towards the beginning of 2013 to take a more serious direction in his music.

Now residing in Los Angeles, California, the 14th Squad Captain is now heavily affiliated with rappers: Bones & Chris Travis (Ex-Raider Klan member).

Beau Young Prince

Beau Young Prince represents the new wave of DC hip-hop.


Idontknowjeffery is rapper known for his albums, The Jeffery EP and Neighborhood Watch. He started releasing music on SoundCloud in early 2015 and is popular for his Above The Law Records Case 1 album.

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