NATE is a playful and powerful exploration of masculinity and consent. A dynamic must-see, every show is fearlessly performed and different night-to-night as Palamides often allows the audience reactions to play a part in the show. NATE received a glowing 5/5 by The Times UK who praised, "it’s not quite like anything else…I’d see it again in a heartbeat."

NATE is directed/co-devised by Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner, Dr. Brown.


Natalie Palamides is an award winning comedian known for her absurdity, unique style, commitment to her characters, and ability to make you laugh while pulling at your heartstrings. In addition to her many accolades for her onstage performances, on television Palamides can be heard as the voice of Buttercup on Cartoon Network's the Powerpuff Girls, and you may spot her in a commercial here and there. Other credits include Bob's Burgers, Comedy Bang! Bang!, Star vs. The Forces of Evil, Corporate, Please Understand Me, and Tangled: The Series. Natalie was also named one of Timeout LA's 10 "Comedians to Watch" in 2019 and Vulture's 20 Comedians You Should and Will Know 2017. She's from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is based in Los Angeles, California.



Front Bar Opens at 5pm

*Please note this event will be mixed seated/standing. Arrive early for best seat selection.

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