É Arenas

There isn't a genre that É Arenas, Chicano Batman bassist, won’t touch: funk, corridos, samba, avante-garde, cumbia, slow-jam. His live performances are infectious, leaving people feeling unsure whether they should stare, cry, laugh, or dance to the rhythmic trances. His self-produced debut album, Nariz (2016) is an experimental and intimate rhythmic exploration of the senses. In 2017, É Arenas released a dance single, Buñuelos a Monton, which made Billboard’s top 2017 Latin Holiday Song playlist. In 2018 he released Mar Iguana, a 45 vinyl and music video shot in 8mm which LA Taco describes as 'John Waters directing an episode of Power Rangers." É Arenas just finished recording on Chicano Batman's anticipated new record (Produced by Grammy-nomitated Leon Michaels, mixed by three-time Grammy winner Shawn Everett). He is also currently working on his new album, Forgiveness, set to debut in the fall of this year.

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