A fiery masterpiece, Ladytron is the synth pop quartet's most definitive work, and it is garnering some of the best reviews of their career. Q magazine calls it "near perfection" and GQ says it's filled with "urgency and menace." NPR says it’s “potent,” “bewitching,” "romantic," “catchy," and that the group has "keenly updated and propelled its sound while remaining steadfast in its identity."

Distilling twenty years of experimentation into one propulsive album, Ladytron (Helen Marnie, Daniel Hunt, Mira Aroyo and Reuben Wu) again push the boundaries of electronic pop in invigorating directions with thirteen songs that explore the disquiet of our times. Loaded with their trademark analogue icy synths and propelled by relentless rhythms, the album is full of fires, walls, chains, towers of glass, and sirens of apocalypse; images that don't feel like metaphors and misty nightmares, but rather give a sense of foreboding.

Full of catchy hooks, rousing riffs, sweeping melodies, and thick textured harmonies, Ladytron is a hypercharged album. Guest drummer Igor Cavalera (Sepultura, Soulwax) adds a heaviness to the dynamic urgency these songs capture. Marnie and Aroyo trade vocals on all songs, with Aroyo taking the lead on "Paper Highways," and "Horrorscope" while Hunt and Wu dazzle on the synths throughout but especially on opener "Until the Fire," "Tower of Glass," "Deadzone," "You've Changed," and the epic closer, "Tomorrow is Another Day." Ending their seven year hiatus, they released the single “Far From Home,” and the short films “The Island” and "The Animals."

Beginning in 2001 with their debut 604 and continuing through 2002s Light & Magic, 2005s Witching Hour, and 2008s Velocifero to 2011s Gravity the Seducer, Ladytron established themselves with a keen pop sensibility, an arch wit, and a restless experimental edge. Ladytron emerged as sonically diverse, lyrically eccentric, masters of their craft.

To celebrate the release of the album, Ladytron have announced a limited run of live shows in California and Mexico, beginning on February 27 at El Plaza Condesa in Mexico City. After selling out the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles on March 1, they have added a second LA show on February 28. These are their first shows in LA since 2011 and the nights promise to be filled with warehouse vibes featuring one of Chicago’s finest, Hiroko Yamamura on DJ duties and Austin’s darker electronic synth wave duo Night Drive opening up. They wrap things up with a special performance at the CRSSD Festival in San Diego on March 2.

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