Black Midi

Having been together for just over a year, and having only released one single, ‘bmbmbm’, through Dan Carey’s label, Speedy Wunderground, Black Midi have made a name for themselves in the UK for being ‘the best new band in the UK that no one knows anything about’ (NME 2018). bmbmbm’ sold out its 300 copies almost instantly and had to be taken to repress within the first week.

Their minimal online and press presence has caused the music world to gravitate towards them and their incredible live shows. They recently had a sold out headline show at Electrowerkz and have a fast-selling UK tour in January planned. Their insoluble mix of electronic, hardcore and math rock married with their uncompromising youth gives them a wisdom beyond their years, and a sound that feels beyond this world. Black Midi are a band impossible to put your finger on, but equally impossible to ignore.

PC Worship

“Scum-rock, psychedelia, and drones collide…PC Worship are a few chromosomes shy of their own DNA strand. But the NYC band’s shakiness has long been key to their shredded charm. Since 2009, frontman Justin Frye has led shifting lineups through genre calisthenics rigorous enough that their repertoire encompasses way-out freak-flag jams, garage punk shimmy, and a Fraggle Rock cover, among other oddities. PC Worship stumble and shamble the way collectives like Harlem’s No-Neck Blues Band or Finland’s Avarus might if Captain Beefheart were sitting in. The PC Worship Experience is uncertain, splintered, alive, and never lacking in bristling forward momentum.” - Raymond Cummings, Pitchfork

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