More Hazards More Heroes, E.G. Phillips, Austin Presley

More Hazards More Heroes

More Hazards More Heroes is a southern folk indie blues duo originally from Nashville, TN. Their music has been featured with Daytrotter, GoPro and several short and feature-length films. They are currently promoting their latest singles from their current project, ‘American Giraffe’.

E.G. Phillips

E.G. Phillips is a San Francisco based songwriter who creates lyric driven songs with his own special blend of whimsy and cinematic imagery which he uses to give a wry take on dealing with the longings of the heart and the madness of existence. In possession of a degree in Geography, he comes from a country called the Midwest and his favorites include Bob Dylan and The Kinks as well as Duke Ellington...and that crowd. A touch of Tom Lehrer might be in the mix too. As may be an unusually outsized influence by long running British sci-fi show "Doctor Who."

"Ducks With Pants" is the name of his fake band.

E.G. has been heavily involved in the local Bay Area music community. Aside from being a fixture on the open mic circuit, he was the "Songwriter-in-Residence" at Bazaar Cafe (September 2015 and April 2017) and has played gigs at San Francisco venues such as the Hotel Utah, Neck of the Woods, PianoFight and the Lost Church. He's been the organizing force behind ensemble events such as tributes to Bob Dylan and Tom Lehrer, a regular attendee at the San Francisco chapter of Balanced Breakfast (in September 2018 he featured in the inaugural "Balanced BreakFEST" — playing a set at Revolution Cafe), a participant in Theo McKinley's "Local Vocals" (performing weekly at the Hotel Carlton and the Marker Hotel at Union Square), and he has volunteered for the Bread and Roses charity organization, bringing live music to people unable to to get out themselves because they are in institutional settings.

Austin Presley

Austin Presley, a singer-songwriter from the Central Valley of California, is newly arrived to San Francisco. His songs feature a variety of styles and genres with inspirations rooted in Southern Rock, Americana, and Modern Alternative; artistic comparisons include Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson.



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