Brett Dennen

For the past ten years, Brett Dennen – with his poet’s perspective, off-kilter vocals, insane sense of humor, and limitless musical freedom – has turned dancing like no one’s watching into a lifestyle. As a songwriter, performer, watercolor artist, and environmental conservationist and outdoorsman, the shows he performs and the events he hosts generate more than good vibes. His impact has been to gather like-minded music fans to consistently try to make the world a better place.

Here's Looking At You Kid was released in August 2018 as the second half of a two-part EP collaboration with Dan Wilson (Semisonic, Adele, Dixie Chicks) on Downtown Records. The first EP, entitled Let’s… was released Feb. 2018 and included “Already Gone,” which rose to #3 on BDS AAA and #4 on MB AAA.

Black Moon Howl

Black Moon Howl emanates from the brains, mouths, and limbs of Steve Jones & Julian Peterson.

Black Moon /blak mün/ (noun): the rare occurrence of a second new moon within a single month

Howl /haʊl/ (noun): vocalized longing

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