Blu and Exile

Blu and Exile

The underground Los Angeles-based duo of MC Blu and DJ/producer Exile earned widespread acclaim right out of the gate with their debut album, Below the Heavens, which critics crowned as the seemingly perfect marriage of Blu's everyday-struggle raps and Exile's Pete Rock- and J Dilla-inspired production. Both artists continued to have success in their solo careers and they returned for another joint LP in 2017. On the heels of the tenth anniversary of Below the Heavens, the duo is back with fellow Dirty Science artists touring the US.


Choosey, formerly known as Makeshift is a Rap Writer and Beatsmith from Los Angeles, CA

Dag Savage

Introduced on Exile's 2011 mixtape Intro to the Outro, Dag Savage is an underground hip-hop supergroup featuring Exile and Johaz. In 2012 the group released the "Cali Dreamin'" 12" on the Dirty Science label, while 2013 saw the landing of their Salvation mixtape along with a self-titled EP that featured guest spots from Aloe Blacc, Murs, and others. Their debut album, E&J, arrived in 2014 with Ras Kass, Blu, and a returning Aloe Blacc as guests.

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