"Last time I was in Detroit,... every house I walked into had someone cueing up a handful of beloved demos that were being passed around. Ohtis sounds like David Byrnes pared-down country ballad band, so I was on board. The folksy, casual duo formed via high school bicycle rides in central Illinois but put their band on hiatus while half the group, Sam Swinson, wrestled with a life-threatening drug addiction—something Ohtis remains remarkably upfront about (probably because its in the lyrical subject matter of many songs). During that period, Ohtiss other half Adam Pressley moved to Detroit and started some great indie bands: Prussia and the subsequent Jamaican Queens...." — SUZETTE SMITH


Cassandra Jenkins

A songwriter who knows how to "leave an impression" with "elegantly celestial climaxes, emerald green-glowing guitar work" (p4k) and "smoky" vocals (NPR), Cassandra released self-titled EP, in 2013. Bedded in haunting arrangements of tremolo guitar and washy organ, she draws you into a world lying somewhere between Mazzy Star and Twin Peaks. It's an arrestingly intimate place, where if you listen closely enough, you'll find something as timeless as it is bittersweet.

$10.00 - $12.00


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