Tiger Sex

Tiger Sex

Live ROCKNROLL band Originally from Vegas. Moved to the Midwest and toured all over the USA including Alaska, Mexico, Canada and Europe. We plan to continue to create new (our own sound) but keeping the traditional garage punk rocknroll sound alive, playing any chance we get. More shows, Album releases and untamed music to come! Keep Danger in music!!

Responsible Johnny

Remember the feeling that you got the first time you heard Henry Rollins screaming out the lyrics to Rise Above? The first time you realized that if The Ramones could strap on guitars and take on the world, then anyone could? Responsible Johnny does.

Tired of the crap coming out of the radio, Responsible Johnny is reaching back to the past, when three chords were all you needed and being punk wasn't defined by the style of your Hot Topic studded wristbands, it was defined by the chip on your shoulder and what was in your soul. And they plan to keep those values alive until they get a major label deal, a coke habit, stripper wives, and a pony.

Gas Station Sushi

Jake Kinnard Rick Winters Johny Williams Stephanie Allard



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