The Honeytrap

The Honeytrap

Honeytrap is a collective of creative musicians led by Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and audio engineer Peter Enriquez. Peter became frustrated with the formal structure of bands and wanted to create diverse and often-changing performances from his favorite musicians that he’s met through all of his years working as a sideman, leading him to found ‘Honeytrap,’ an ever rotating collective of instrumentalists and vocalists performing new interpretations of popular music as well as individual and group written original music.
At only twenty-three years old, Peter Enriquez has already performed across the country and internationally with numerous projects ranging from R&B to indie rock and beyond. Peter and the rest of the collective can be found performing in various configurations with numerous artists around New York. Peter + Honeytrap’s first record is slated for release in the Fall of 2018.


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