Half Japanese

Half Japanese

Founded by brothers Jad & David Fair in 1975, Half Japanese is credited with pioneering the DIY and lo-fi movements and influencing everyone from Sonic Youth and Neutral Milk Hotel to Daniel Johnston and Kurt Cobain.

Saturday Night

Saturday Night exists outside of the assumption one might already have. While the name speaks to inhibition and carelessness, the music serves to deconstruct and reconstruct every day interaction. The nuance, the interpersonal and the romantic are the pillars that define Saturday Night. A forgotten glance or a careless flirt can mean nothing in a moment, but the feelings that are pulled from inside oneself in that same moment are forever. Leaving nothing to assumption, there is a directness to this music that still avoids the obvious.

The band was formed in Washington, D.C., by Luke Reddick, Nora Button, Cash Langdon, and Jesse Sattler in 2017. Through the guise of pop music, the quartet hopes to humanize the alien, strange, and unspoken that lies inside of every person.

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