Nana Grizol

Nana Grizol

A queer rock band from Athens, GA. Singer Theo Hilton began recording songs under this moniker around 2005, and typically tours and records with a crew of dear pals from way back. On this tour Theo is playing alone, performing songs from a recently released LP of early solo recordings in addition to the usual catalog and some recent ones. New songs explore masculine intimacies and doubt, white socialization in a southern college town, and trust.

A distorted country music outfit that places queer storytelling at the forefront of their music. They intimately grapple with identity and by playing with genre and history, twisting tales by tweaking pronouns falling in love with records, not people. Their sophomore release, Lez Dance, comes out early summer on Cruisin Records. Similarly to Sweet High Rise, Lez Dance is hook and story driven, this time stripped down to explore a new kind of vulnerability with all of you.

Your Heart Breaks

A queer band based in Seattle, Washington. Originally founded by Clyde Petersen in Bellingham, Washington in 1999, Your Heart Breaks has toured the world for 20 years as both a solo performer and a large ensemble. Our new album, Drone Butch Blues is a queer concept album based on the writings of historic and contemporary GLBTQI authors. With a focus on stories surrounding queer community, Drone Butch Blues touches on topics of secret and forbidden love, sex with strangers, the lives of hustlers, the impact of AIDS on homosexuals, historic events and rebellion all interwoven with the personal narrative of Clyde Petersen. Striving to examine the contemporary gap between generations of queers and their elders, Petersen turns to written materials to find buried remnants of gay culture and creative vibrant humans, lost to the plague of AIDS. What emerges from this exploration is Drone Butch Blues, the 9th full-length album from a twenty-year career as Your Heart Breaks

Teenage Halloween

Spanning from the ashes of a bunch of failed high school music projects, Teenage Halloween was the one that stuck. We are a collective of LGBTQIA folks and allies with a common goal of creating a safer show environment for marginalized groups. We strive to go about our art in a way that directly tries to oppose modern capitalism. We have no direct or specific political affiliation but our lyrics consist of leftist themes and idealogies. We are also very open to conversation about our band and things we can personally do better, on top of a willingness to ensure that we are a band that cares about the people that come to see us.

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