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Schlotman formed in the winter of 2014 as a bi-coastal recording project between brothers Jake and Lucas Nevrla as a way to share songs while Jake was living in Massachusetts and Lucas in San Francisco. When Jake moved to Oakland in 2015 the band was able to leave behind its modest 4-track beginnings with the release of their debut 7” single, Oakland, and the followup EP, Dog Save the Scene. With a reputation for high-energy live shows and songwriting that can swing from aggressive guitar hooks to delicate melodies in a matter of seconds, Schlotman quickly gained a dedicated local following.

After several years of refining their sound through two more EPs and countless local and regional shows, Schlotman released their debut full length, Animal Glamour, in January of 2019 via Numb Tongue Records. Produced by Brandon Eggleston (The Mountain Goats, Modest Mouse) and recorded at John Vanderslice's Tiny Telephone Recording in San Francisco, Animal Glamour finds Schlotman continuing to extend their reach even further across the dynamic spectrum. Drawing from a range of genres and musical backgrounds from show tunes to punk rock, the Nevrla brothers are creating sounds that are both challenging and yet familiar, intense and yet comforting.


Amidst a relentless international touring schedule with Bellingham’s up-and-coming indie rock group, The Co Founder, multi-instrumentalist Jake Barrow managed to find the time to record his third solo album at home in the Pacific Northwest. The 11-song album, entitled “On Moon Island”, finds him branching out and reinventing himself yet again, turning away from familiar electronic tendencies and taking a turn towards hazy, nostalgic pop reminiscent of music from the 60s and 70s.

While elements of Motown and classic rock can be detected, there’s an undeniable presence of Vervex’s unique sonic signature pervading “On Moon Island” - a shimmering, echoing, melancholy sound, massive in nature, that fans connect with around the world. A sense of maturation in songwriting pervades this new album as well, both in style and lyrical content. Barrow courageously delves into more emotionally vulnerable topics than ever before, addressing subjects such as the sudden death of an alcoholic coworker, the decline in health of his grandfather, and his own struggles with anxiety and spirituality as a millennial artist.

True to his jack-of-all-trades nature, Barrow performed and recorded every instrument on the album himself. This meticulous recording process took place either at his home studio in Bellingham, WA or in a converted church down the street. Between drumming on tour in Japan, Mexico, and across the States with his other band, The Co Founder, who he also produces, he booked a lengthy national tour in support of Vervex’s new release. Dedicated fans (aka Vexheads) are already itching for new music from the PNW native and can expect exciting things in 2019, starting with the release of “On Moon Island” via Life Vest Records (April 16th), followed by his national tour and a flurry of new singles and music videos.

Kevin Nichols

Kevin Nichols is a west coast DIY scene staple, relentlessly delivering pop-infused grunge rock, coined as “Prunge.” The last two years have seen him musically active under his own name and touring up and down the coast bleeding his brand of rock into house shows and rock clubs. “Getting Hard” is the first EP of a trilogy documenting Kevin Nichols’ reluctant rise to adult responsibility. The title is both tongue-in-cheek (getting hard, get it?) and totally earnest: Life is getting hard, and by the sound of this EP, Nichol’s isn’t giving in - or growing up - without a fight.


Hooplah! is a self indulgent somewhat acoustic bedroom recording project based in Oakland. Short linear songs, with lots of words and simple melodies. For fans of Taco Bell, Modelo, and somnambulant strolls. Members of Lawn Chairs and Slang Church. Party on.



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