SOLD OUT: The Chats (moved to Regent Theater DTLA)

The Chats are three dropkick drongos from the Sunshine Coast of Australia, also the home of the Crocodile Hunter (RIP).

Forming in 2016 in their mates bong shed, the boys quickly came up with a set of catchy pub punk anthems. ‘Smoko’ came first, and mayhem followed.

Now reaching over 5.5 million views, the tune has lead to a whirlwind touring schedule of 2018.

First, a mammoth tour of over 40 dates with drunken uncles and godfaters of grunge, the Cosmic Psychos, followed not long after with a personal request by Josh Homme to open for the Queens of the Stoneage across Australia. According to Homme, he was sent the bands video from Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters, and watched it a ton of times with Iggy Pop.

Life is strange.

The Chats announced their debut tour in the motherland of the UK in October, which much to the bands shock, all sold out in a day. Agents scrambled to move all shows to larger venues, seeing the boys playing sold shows in infamous rooms such as the Electric Ballroom in London, Academy 2 in Manchester and Institute 2 in Birmingham.

Not bad for a couple of 19 year olds who’ve never been outside of Australia before.

With a ton of new material, and what feels like a couple of hundred bloody gigs now under their belt, the boys eyes are set heavily on world domination – as long as the beer is cold and the pies are warm.

Tommy And The Commies

From swingin’ Sudbury, Ontario, CA (nada), here come TOMMY and the COMMIES with their debut recordings for Slovenly Recordings, Here come Tommy and the Commies! “Here Come…” is 16 blistering minutes of hooliganistic mod-punk madness featuring Jeff Houle, also known as the sole brain behind budget rock cult faves STRANGE ATTRACTOR, and his brother Mitch, known ⅔ collectively as the power-pop force STATUES of P. Trash Records fame.

Swagger drenched youngster frontman Tommy Commy recruited Strange Jeff by dragging him into a bathroom stall during a punk show, playing him an inaudible demo on a phone. The Houle Two agreed to join forces for Tommy’s first foray into the world of record making on the strength of giving “Spiral Scratch” era Howard Devoto a run for his dosh on the vox on any given holiday. This kid has GOT IT, BABY!

In a perfect modern world, songs like “Devices,” and “Suckin’ In Your 20’s” would be massive chart smashes on the level of “Teenage Kicks.” Those days are long gone, but here we are in 2018, giving YOU what you need, and what THEY don’t deserve.

Tenement Rats

Snot nosed diseased ridden punk anthems that crawl up your leg and gnaw at your ears, Spewing out of the slimy gutters of LA. Snarling, to the point vocals and ripping bass lines with the beat to back them and Not to mention the occasional debaucherous leads.

Made up of; Jonny Watkins (Black Boots/Future Graves/Cheap Tissue), Eric Big Arm (Die Group/Way To Go Genius) and Shaun Clark (Crazy Squeeze/Black Mambas, The Gaggers/Miscalculations) and they're here to show you what raw, fucked up rock n roll is all about

DJ Rick Barzell (Cretin Hop, Green Slime)

Green Slime are a DJ duo consisting of long time L.A. record collectors Rick Barzell and Roger Mars. Since 2014, Slime has become L.A.'s biggest 60's dance craze. LA Weekly's Lina Lecaro has described it as "A groovy, grindy shindig." where "they spin an unrelenting mix of fuzzy-guitar garage and trippy psychedelia...slaying the slime with rare and beloved soul sensations." Green Slime features only the finest guest DJ's and live bands.

It takes place every 1st Saturday at The Short Stop in Echo Park in sunny Southern California. Expect to hear everything from rhythm & blues to garage punk dancers on the 45rpm vinyl format, all carefully hand selected. Please be advised however, of the danger of it growing and spreading beyond the warped imagination of the greatest human intellect and exploding in unspeakable horror. The Green Slime are coming for you.

Disc Jockeys: Roger Mars & Rick Barzell

$12 Advance / $15 Day of Show

Sold Out

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