Joe Scarborough

Joe Scarborough starts his day keeping the heat on politicians like Donald Trump. But at night, the Morning Joe host who made TIME Magazine’s list of “100 most influential people in the world” follows his truest calling: writing, arranging and recording his original songs. Scarborough has spent the last year holed up in studios recording 50 of his 400 original songs. His band has played those songs regularly in standing-room only club settings in Scarborough’s Upper West Side neighborhood. The shows have been electric and compelled Scarborough to double down on his music mission.
“I’ve got a hell of a lot of songs to get out there so I’ll be releasing them in waves with a EP every month for the next four years. I may take a quick rest after releasing my first 200 songs,” Scarborough said recently in an interview.
Releasing 200 songs in four years may seem like a monumental challenge for a public figure who hosts the most important political show in America three hours a day while writing a weekly print column for the Washington Post. But it is all in a days work for a songwriter who penned a 36 song musical during his first year of law school. That musical was a takedown of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker months before scandal ripped through their evangelical empire. His “Mystified” debut EP takes on even bigger targets with an explosive music video and the EP’s title track. After listening, you will find yourself agreeing with Billboard that Scarborough does, indeed, have chops. And if you catch Scarborough live, you may understand why fashion legend Andre Leon Talley believes the great Andy Warhol would whole heartedly approve of this year’s most surprising debut artist.    

“He’s the Bono of Broadcast. Scarborough actually has chops.” —Billboard
“Scarborough’s show at South by Southwest was surprisingly expansive.”—
“He is so talented. He’s so creative it’s almost disgusting. It’s why he makes such good TV. He understands words, how to craft things. His mind just works in a creative way. It’s really incredible.” —Phil Griffin, President, MSNBC, Vanity Fair


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