Ghost Light feat. Holly Bowling, Tom Hamilton (JRAD), Raina Mullen, Scotty Zwang, Dan Africano

“I think of this album like a bunch of abstract paintings,” says Ghost Light’s Tom Hamilton. “We present the songs as a series meant to be experienced in a certain order, but at the end of the day, whatever that series makes you feel is totally up to you.”

In that sense, Ghost Light’s brilliant debut album, ‘Best Kept Secrets,’ functions much like the band itself, drawing beauty and strength from both its complementary pairings and its unexpected juxtapositions. Formed in 2017, the group brings together five consummately talented artists from across the musical spectrum—guitarists/singers Tom Hamilton and Raina Mullen, pianist Holly Bowling, and drummer Scotty Zwang—and thrusts them into a wholly new context. The result is a record that transcends the sonic contributions and background of any single member, a collection that’s at once gritty and refined, sprawling and restrained, straightforward and psychedelic.

Though the performances on the album are laser focused, the group’s live shows are a far looser affair, with tracks frequently blossoming into extended improvisational journeys dictated by the emotional temperature of the room on any given night. Songs turn into wordless conversations between all five members, a tide-like give-and-take that makes each show wholly engrossing and utterly unique.

“An album is…a document and snapshot of a particular moment in time,” Hamilton told Live For Live Music in a recent interview, “but when it comes to taking that album and bringing it into the live arena, that’s when we turn ourselves back into the improvisers that we all are. We get to really see what these songs can do and where they can go.”

With a formidable live reputation already preceding them, the band sold out the opening night of their inaugural tour and they haven’t looked back since, playing a slew of headline dates around the country in addition to entrancing festival crowds from Lock’n to High Sierra, Peach Music Festival, Electric Forest, and beyond.

$15.00 - $18.00


**Ghost Light has been rescheduled to July 25th. All tickets will be honored. Refunds available from point of purchase until 6/1/19.**

Hi all - Tommy here.
Yesterday at the airport my back went out in the worst way. I was laid out on the floor for hours hoping it would chill enough so I could get on the plane, but it only got worse to where I had to take an ambulance to the ER. I'm working on recovering and getting back on the road ASAP - but unfortunately we'll have to reschedule our Ghost Light show tonight at Space Ballroom in Hamden CT. I've only ever missed 1 show in my career, and it was the last time my back went out like this during my BP days (anyone remember the Jillian’s show in Albany where I had to play sitting down?) - I hate nothing more than having to miss this show, but I promise we’ll make it up you.

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