Mark Chesnutt

Mark Chesnutt is one of Countrys true musical treasures.
Critics have hailed him as a classic Country singer of the first
order and some of Country musics most elite entertainers from
George Jones to George Strait echo this sentiment. Mark
Chesnutts stature is easily gauged; he has 14 No. 1 hits, 23
top ten singles, four platinum albums and five gold records.
Country music critics and fans alike need look no further when
it comes to Country music basics. If you ask Mark Chesnutt hell
tell you, Its the music that has kept me around this long. In a
world that sometimes confuses style with substance, Mark
Chesnutt possesses both. Remaining true to himself as a
traditional country artist while still keeping up with the ever-
changing country landscape, Mark has a knack for picking great
songs; delivering them with his world-class vocals; and with
real heart-felt emotion. Mark has set the bar for his
generationnot just for his being a consistent hit maker, but
because of his love of genuine country music. Mark Chesnutts
personal integrity as well as his principal to record a genuine
country song has made him a fixture on radio and in the honky
tonks. Chesnutt got his start in the honky-tonks of Beaumont,
Texas, learning from his father, Bob Chesnutt, a singer, record
collector, and major fan of classic country music. Playing along
side his dad, one set at a time, Mark embraced his fathers
influence and began making a name for himself. Mark sang
covers by Lefty, Merle, George, and Waylon to develop his
unmatched crowd-pleasing rapport and his authentic country

Sunny Sweeney

I am a hopeless romantic. I like salsa. I read magazines from back to front. When it’s raining, I would prefer not to be in a car--behind the wheel or otherwise, but otherwise I am a cautious driver (unless I’m in a hurry). Until about a year ago, I was “borrowing” Internet from my neighbor. I have no agenda when it comes to relationships. My favorite nail polish color is OPI I’m Not Really a Waitress. I wore a blue dress to my wedding. I have a massive growing collection of pajama pants. I try to go to the gym for at least an hour every day (not ‘cause I love it). When used together, the colors brown and light blue, are soothing to me. Writing songs is where my heart is. I miss my grandpa every day. “Coal Miner’s Daughter” is still one of my all-time favorite movies. I can spend hours and hours in Target. I believe a good pedicure can cure anything. I like people that tell the truth. I sleep with a vaporizer on in my room. My alarm clock sounds like a rooster. I like “real” music. I like good smelling soap and candles. I use the websites and at least once every single day.

My mom is most likely the funniest person on this planet. I lose my keys multiple times every single day. I love TIGI Hard Head hairspray. I poured finger nail polish remover in my eye when I was little. I have a few of the best girlfriends I could have ever dreamed up in my head. I like making people laugh. I’ll do anything FOR a laugh. I would prefer the egg white to the yolk. Thank God for skinny jeans, remote controls and Starbucks (not in that order). Hearing a child’s laughter is the most honest sound you will ever hear. Singing at the Ryman gives me chills. Eddie Stubbs voice is where it’s at. I LOVE TJ MAXX! I am often times distracted by my own cleavage. I like shoes that have at least four-inch heels. I make an apology if an apology is needed. I’m married to a police officer, and I’ve had relatives in the slammer…makes for interesting family get-togethers. Bad weather scares me. I walk better in heels than I do flats. I burn my finger with the flat iron EVERY time I use it… no exceptions. I wonder every single day what the hell we did before cell phones. Feel confident saying “I have seen evil”…. ONCE. Recycling is one thing I have a hard time with. I like people that are funny but don’t know it. My husband is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I live in Texas.

I am obsessed with Words With Friends even though I never win. I wish they had a dirty phrases version… I would win. I cannot stand it when women wear just a sports bra and shorts to the gym…then proceed to get on the treadmill. My past is what makes me who I am today. I like to vacuum and do laundry, but detest taking out the trash. Charmin is a great toilet paper. I lost the spelling bee when I was in third grade on a word I am too embarrassed to write. I have loved shoes since I was a little girl. I have done things in my life I am not proud of, but I have no regrets. Wish more people would do the same. I can see through fake people. Put curtains on your windows. I always tip at least 25 percent (unless the waiter suuuuucks). I love TOM SELLECK… STILL!

Matt Castillo

High energy from start to finish, Matt Castillo and his band are providing audiences with original country music that has captured the attention of radio, industry and listeners. Hot on the heels of their latest single, “Hello Heartache,” this group is driving their success with grit, determination, and a lot of patience.
Led by Castillo, who formed the band in 2013, they debuted their first album Small Town Stories in December of 2014, Produced by Charlie Vela (Dia Frampton of “The Voice”). Matt Castillo sought out to enlist esteemed radio promoter Dillon Steen to introduce their catchy rhythmic music to radio, their first single, “Dance All Night” (#47), broke into the Top 50 on the Texas Regional Radio Report along side their punch in the face tune called “Too Drunk Anyway” hitting #46 and landed on the Top 200 songs of 2016.
Having wrapped up and recorded their sophomore album, STILL SANE (produced by Dave Percefull of Yellow Dog Studios in Wimberley, Texas), Castillo released an 11-song project that tells a riveting story of the ups and downs of relationships, heartbreak, love and redemption.
“Our music has a lot to do with the people close to me and my personal experiences,” said Castillo. “There are songs about what I have gone through and songs about what I’ve seen my friends go through. Songwriters always say, ‘Write what you know,’ and at times it’s hard to put my personal life out there but, if you’re in any genre of music, being open and honest is what comes with the territory.”
With having such success at radio, two singles sat high on the charts with “Miss My Chance” and their latest single peaking at #24 with “Hello Heartache” on the Texas Regional Radio Report Charts in 2018. Matt Castillo and his band were nominated in 2017 at the Texas Regional Radio Music Awards for “New Band/Duo of the Year” alongside such hitmakers as Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen, William Clark Green, and Prophets and Outlaws. They also got a nod for “New Single of the Year” (“Dance All Night”) next to Aaron Watson, Josh Ward, Zane Williams and Deryl Dodd
Matt Castillo has been steadily increasing and establishing a loyal fan base across in and out of Texas with currently over 10,000 likes and visits across social media outlets. For all things Matt Castillo, be sure to engage with them via Spotify, Apple Music, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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