Relax Trio

Relax Trio

RelaxTrio started in 2004, when they were kids as a Rockabilly band, but with the time, they got into a harder sound, but still with the “Billy” in it ! Three records released, mostly their own songs and a last EP with limited copies.

This hard rockin', female fronted, three-piece band delivers a unique neo-rockabilly sound. Powerful vocals combined with raw talent & high-energy - grabs you from the first note and doesn't let you go!

If you want to see something new and fresh, don´t miss them!

Johnny Cab

Johnny Cab is an American Psychobilly band, from Hartford, CT. The group formed in 2016 when Chris Indigo (vocals), threw a Halloween party at his apartment and longtime friend David C. (guitar), showed up by surprise. In between emptying the punch bowl and bobbing for apples, the two decided to put a new band together. They put a out call for a rhythm section. Matty Whitepants (bass) and Tim Elsishans (drums) jumped on board to complete the line up.
Their fast rising energetic sound is quickly gaining them recognition on the East Coast. If you like Psychobilly with a strange, zippy approach, then check these guys out!


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