The Revolushn, The Echo Exchange, Dylan Ruane

The Revolushn

The Revolushn began when NO (songwriting/vocals/guitar) met Aaron Connor (bass, producer) in a Kansas City studio in 2012. Aaron, with several gold and platinum records under his belt was impressed with NO’s songwriting and studio skills. Bobby Killer Bee (guitar, vocals), who owed the studio, offered NO studio time to record some new songs. NO brought in some of his friends including David Kendrick (DEVO, Sparks), Wayne Coyne (Flaming Lips), Jimmy Leggs, D-Blues and Michael Angelo Batio. Revolushn was born. The sessions turned into a gig in Kansas City. The video from that show featured the song KC. KC quickly became popular in Kansas City and generated over 50,000 YouTube hits. The song attracted the attention of the owner of the Kansas City Royals. Over the next two years the sessions continued and the result is Revolushn’s first album THE FRESHMAN. As the music of Revolushn evolved more members were added. The band currently lists 12 active musicians, two lawyers, a filmmaker and an astronaut. During the first two years Revolushn released 6 videos featuring some of the songs on The Freshman.
The indie sound of the group is a natural component of the bands songwriting. The lyrics can be heart felt (That’s My Girl), personal (Been Thinking) or irreverent (Suck it up). The material on THE FRESHMAN is mostly up-tempo. Songs like Suck it up and Lover Like Me blast out of the speakers and establish a powerful rock tone that is consistent with the bands live show. The songs Dark Matter and Been Thinking show the bands arrangement skills and musicianship. While over 30 songs were recorded for THE FRESHMAN, the LP has just seven songs. The result the album that has a consistent feel and sound.

The Echo Exchange

In the early stages, D.J. Moore (Guitar), Bod Robinson (Bass) and Wes Gibbens (Drums) emerged as a free-flowing jam band. Feeling their way through an eclectic ensemble of individual influences, backgrounds and inspirations, the trio emerged to create an ambient and somewhat dreamy sound of soulful, driving rock to become The Echo Exchange. Having established their sound, the band is now fronted by the delightfully powerful Tess Krukow and also includes the versatile and soulful influences of Josh Rau on Keys and Saxophone.



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