Gettin' Weir'd, Free Flowing Musical Experience

Gettin' Weir'd

Gettin Weir'd is a 7 piece band celebrating the vast repertoire of the Grateful Dead's "other guitarist", Bob Weir. From his earliest work to most recent.

Free Flowing Musical Experience

Scott Fallon and Gregg Park make up the interactive musical adventure known as The Free Flowing Musical Experience, Alexandria's Legendary Acoustic Jam Band. The musicians aim to capture the diversity of their influences and expand upon each song as an improvisational journey into what can be found on the other end. Rock, folk, country, blues, jazz, and original material is what makes up the Free Flowing Musical Experience catalog.

The song list is typically determined by the audience and the vibe and energy in the room. The blues riffs of renowned harmonica player, Mike Gaffney, help The Free Flowing Musical Experience delve even further into the vastness of the bands various influences. Originally founded in 1986, The Free Flowing Musical Experience continues to be one of the area’s most consistent draws.

$8.00 Cash at the door+fee

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$8.00 Cash at the door+fee

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