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Late Night Savior

Late Night Savior is a hard rock band out of Northern Utah. Started in 2014, our members are Brandon Johnson (Lead Vocals and Guitar), Tyler Davis (Drums), Tim Anderson (Rhythm Guitar and Vocals), and Skyler 'Stick' Johnson (Bass and Vocals). Formed when brothers Brandon and Skyler, lifelong musicians, teamed up with Tyler Davis to pursue their love of music. They soon after recruited Tim Anderson and quickly jumped into the local music scene.
The group has opened for acts such as Drowning Pool, Mushroomhead, Adelitas Way, Stitched Up Heart, October Rage, Thousand Foot Krutch, Vault 7, Cage 9, Hail Sagen, Berlin Breaks, Tantric, Shaman's Harvest, Red, Alien Ant Farm and more!
They have recently released a new album "Into the Aftermath" which is available on Google Play, Spotify, and available for purchase in their store.

Retina formed at the end of 2017. In January of 2018 the band began working on the recording of their self titled RetinaEP. The 6 song EP features song like "The Cell" and "Grounded" boasting undeniable groove and thought provoking vocals. The band released the 6 song EP in August 2018. Currently the band is working on getting another collection of songs recorded while preparing for live shows in 2019. Bands first show will be in Denver this April.

Alabaster Swine

Jack - Lead Vocals
Rob- Lead guitar, bgv
Doug- Guitar, bgv
Eric- Bass
John- Drums

Scotty and the Late Nights

A band that originally formed as a duet folk-punk act that over time and a move to the Denver area became a full for member indie rock band.

Juliet Mission

Juliet Mission is a Denver original alternative rock band that only smiles two thirds of the time.


Getting its start in 2007 in the basement of one of its members (as most bands do), SocialFuse is now a regular part of the Denver Music scene. Coming from diverse backgrounds,, each member brings similar influences, but by the same token are also very different, bringing a special flavor to the band and our music. Many people, after hearing a SocialFuse show for the first time, describe our sound as beingan “in your face,” high energy, guitar driven rock with hints of pop in both melodies and harmonies.

Front man Bret Harmon joined SocialFuse in the spring of 2012. Influenced by the likes of Geoff Tate and Aaron Lewis, “passionate” is a word that is often used to describe his unique stage presence. Bret has been singing since he or any member of his family can remember, making his public debut at the tender age of six. Since then, Bret has performed worldwide, with well over 600 shows to his credit—not to mention a few karaoke ventures along the way. He has shared the stage with bands such as Sevendust, Nonpoint, Flyleaf and most recently, 12 Stones. Rumor is he even did some time on the Jagermeister tour, and made an appearance at OzzFest.

The guitarist for SocialFuse, Rob Ingram, started playing shows while attending high school in NYC in a band called Crimson Tide, with drummer Ivan DePrume of White Zombie fame. He went on to play with various bands such as Nightfall, Force of Habit, Rush Hour Saints and has been playing with SocialFuse since 2007. Rob has been influenced by, everything from the local bands he heard growing up in New York City at clubs like CBGBs, The Cat Club and L'amours, featuring bands such as DRI, Bad Brains, and S.O.D., to The Ramones and Anthrax and bigger name acts, such as Kiss, Van Halen, Metallica and Ozzy.

Better known as Teddy C, Ted Clarke spent the first part of his professional career touring with United Showcase International. This group toured the USA with the "Just Say No" corporation. After three years touring, he signed with Inferno Records, and then recorded and toured for two more years. After settling in Austin TX, he did studio work for Judy Bess, Spiritdome, producer Rich Mouzer and the band Rising Sign. Recently he completed drum tracks for an upcoming TV show, working out of Beyond Sound studios.

Just minding his own business, Chris Tinker was leading a musical mercenary life, when the opportunity to sit in with SocialFuse arose. He had subbed in the band before, and the opportunity to see the guys again was something he jumped at. After a few run-throughs of material old and new, something was different. He wanted to be a part of this new version of the band. He's now looking forward to being along for the ride while this incarnation of the band stretches the boundaries of what it’s capable of.

$10.00 - $100.00


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