Medicine Man, The Murphs, Battito

Medicine Man

Jazz/Folk from Waco Texas

Formed by a group of friends who met in music school, Medicine Man started as a vehicle for philanthropy but soon developed into their foremost creative project. While the six cover a diverse expanse of the music industry as individuals: orchestra, military band, freelancing, professional acapella, and even teaching, Medicine Man continues to be the place where these close friends reunite to create music for the pure joy of it. Their influences include most apparently, Americana/Folk and Jazz. The lineup first came together in 2016 when songwriter Luke Hoeft, multi-instrumentalist John Burton, and trumpeter Stephen Spink met as music students and began having jam sessions. Singer Heather Hoeft, violinist Helena Bandy, and percussionist Ian Houston rounded out the roster, and Medicine Man spent the next three years performing around central Texas and self producing various singles including "Letting Go" (2017) and "Coming Home" (2017). Medicine Man's debut album "So Much To Say" is set to release in April of 2019. The album release will be followed by a southeast celebration tour set for June 2019.

Roots Rock from Atlanta GA

The Murphs are an American Roots Rock band based out of Atlanta, Georgia featuring Austin Coleman, Katie Coleman, Cody Marlowe, and Rob D’Angelo. In 2017, the four friends came up with the band name after visiting their favorite dive bar; Murphy’s Tavern. Claiming to be regulars of the joint, “The Murphs” were born. Their sound is made up of dreamy tones, upfront harmonies, and intriguing lyrics rooted in the style of country rock, blues, and folk. The band brings a high energy to the stage every show in the expression of honest rock-n-roll.

Music from Birmingham AL



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