The Hadleys, Dogwood Lung, Will Orchard, Snag

The Hadleys are a Brooklyn, NY based sibling act that creates indie folk pop.

Dogwood Lung is an atmospheric rock band from Alabama. Their music incorporates instrumental elements from post-rock and dream pop while intimate and evocative lyrics imbue their songs with structure and emotional depth.

Will Orchard

Will Orchard, a native of Rhode Island, began quietly releasing music in 2015 under the name LittleBoyBigHeadOnBike. Through a cathartic and carefree process, he steadily churned out hundreds of home recorded songs compiled into literally one-hundred releases on bandcamp, often drawing from whimsy and childlike tales in his lyricism. During this time, he began to take his songs around the US in a do-it-yourself fashion, gradually accumulating a small, passionate following. With releases like God Damn Wonderland and Big Blue Butterflies he delivered colorful, unpredictable collages, complimented by the hundreds of homespun arrangements decorating his constant output of songs. He is currently on the verge of releasing his transformative first record under the name Will Orchard, to be expected in early 2020.

Snag was formed in 2019 in Brooklyn by Sam Bonney and Sean McNulty. Sam is a former touring member of The Brazen Youth, Littleboybigheadonbike, and Blonder and just released a solo EP under the moniker Cwybaby. Sean has been releasing solo music as Son Sean for the last several years. Snag will be releasing music in the next year.

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