Pikelet, Glaçon Garçon, Meg Webb


Evelyn Ida Morris, best known as Pikelet, is a gifted musician, celebrated for their dexterity across multiple instruments and for songwriting that is complex and structurally adventurous.

Evelyn Ida Morris uses They/Them pronouns and identifies as non-binary.

Glaçon Garçon

Glaçon Garçon is the collaborative project of Nicole Rowe and Omar Akrouche. Based out of San Francisco, the group records as a duo and performs live with a revolving band. Tu n'es pas ni ici ni là! was written over a year of countless digital exchanges and phone conversations, recorded in various studios, homes and warehouses, and concluded with a single reel of half-inch tape. It is the band’s first output to credit all songwriting to Nicole Rowe. Singing in both French and English, her lyrics engage with the vulnerability of intimacy and are influenced by traditional pop sensibilities and ‘60s yé-yé music. The album was recorded and produced by Omar Akrouche who also contributed drums, bass, and guitars. Together with close collaborator Eric Van Thyne who performed additional keyboards and guitars, Tu n'es pas ni ici ni là! is the group’s first fully realized work.

Classically trained multi-instrumentalist (violin, piano/synth, flute, harp, bass, guitar, cello), producer/engineer Meg Webb hails from the rural suburbs of Utah, and currently resides in Los Angeles. This former teenage runaway and street performer will have a full-length record available later in 2019.



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