Cold Showers & Second Still - Dual Record Release

Cold Showers, a band formed in Highland Park, CA in 2010, fuses the brash power of their shoegaze pedigree with the smoky compulsions of their pop, dark wave, and post-punkancestors.After releasing singles on Mexican Summer and Art Fag Records, Cold Showers signed with Dais Records and released their debut LP Love and Regretin the summer of 2012. With driving bass lines, hypnotic guitar riffs, tom-heavy drums, and deep melodic vocals, Love and Regretwas met with industry praise and critical acclaim. With the next three years came touring and recording, leading up to their much-anticipated sophomore album, Matter of Choice. The release ofMatter of Choice in 2015 marked a divergence from their ‘80s post-punk roots, mixing pop ingredients with their distinct driving and foreboding sound. This sonically bold slant was quickly recognized and resulted in feature songs on hit television series 13 Reasons Why and How to Get Away with Murder.Cold Showers now returns with their most expressive and decisive record yet. Motionless, set to release May 24th, is the band’s ode to their pop forbearers, their goth-like precedent enhanced with ambient narratives, acoustic overlays and compelling female vocals. Enlisting long-time collaborator Tony Bevilacqua (The Distillers) to co-write the album, Cold Showers expand their boundaries and let their creative mastery come to the forefront. The result is a warmly melodic, experimental and evocative pop record.

Second Still is a Post-Punk / Coldwave band from Los Angeles, CA (USA).

Band members (Oct. 2016):
Ryan - guitar
Alex - bass
Suki - vocals

Flesh (Members of Death Bells and Perfume)

Flesh is an electronic duo from Los Angeles, comprised of Will Canning (Death Bells) & Matthew James (Perfume). Vocal-heavy techno for the end of the world.


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