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RVBY MY DEAR is the project of Australian singer/songwriter Gabbi Coenen. Described as “atmospheric avant-pop” comparable to the likes of Portishead, Daughter and London Grammar, her music has been featured in The Deli Magazine, The AU Review, Analogue Trash and Impose. Her debut album "Waiting", featuring the singles "10:17" and "Draw", is due for release in Spring 2019 via Villainy Records.

Isador is the multimedia project of New York based artist Warren Heller.
They weave together music, film, photography, and design to portray coming of age in a hostile world, overcoming limitations both externally imposed and involuntarily self-inflicted. Layering introspective lyrics with thumping bass and sweeping orchestral arrangements along with fraught and surreal imagery, Isador lifts the curtain on their own struggles in order to work through them.

If you peruse the google image results for Wet Leather, you’ll scroll through a fair amount of risqué material, both sordid and titillating, before you arrive at a photo of the four fresh-faced young men of the band in question. Googling Wet Leather reveals a few things—the band’s un-manicured internet presence, their earnestness, and the jarring dissonance between their image and their outsized band name. Over the course of their young career Wet Leather has welcomed that dissonance, singing songs about anxiety and insecurity with the swagger of their 80s idols. Their ambiguous relationship with their obvious influences— Talking Heads, Prince, Tears For Fears —has proven beguiling for fans, perhaps because Wet Leather refuses to wink at their audience while delivering a huge, heartfelt, hook.The songs on their new EP, Present Lives, are populated with young people who feel like impostors in their own lives. Some play out like tense conversations between two people in a relationship. Musically, the band plays against that tension without resolving it by contrasting their anxious, unsettled lyrics with musically satisfying hooks, compelling the audience to sing a long with some pretty ambivalent sentiments.Wet Leather are stuck between stations. The odd-band out and the perpetual underdog, they’ve stuck around the New York scene long enough to see their favorite venues shuttered, to watch great bands form and break up. But these were spaces where they managed to feel at home and never managed to blend in with the scenery, and they never made the scene with those bands either. Maybe this is because Wet Leather writes unapologetically huge pop hooks, catchy enough to ensure that they’d always sit uneasily alongside their indie-rock peers. Too square for the rock bands, too sad for the club kids, too scruffy for the pop scene. Like Big Star, their power-pop heroes before them, Wet Leather almost seems doomed to slip through the cracks, but maybe not quite...

Brooklyn's Tiff Ortiz ventures into new territory with the release of her debut solo record 'Paint the Day.' Collaborating with Grammy award winning producer Chris Connors and featuring contributions from drummer Jake St. John (French Horn Rebellion, Deidre & the Dark, Quiet Friend), guitarist Matteo Liberatore (Innova Records), and others, the singer-songwriter's 7-track album drifts between a universe of somber reflection and one of never ending hope; she dives straight into the realm of DIY magic and renders a vibrant sonic landscape with a blend of indie rock, soul and experimental pop. There is a sense of constant reaching and a ‘keep your chin up’ attitude that reminds us that where there is darkness, there is light.

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