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In the far future there is a mighty and just warlord, KING JOSHUA LEACH, who is the benevolent ruler of all the lands. One day He looked through his kaleidoscope into the time that was, or the present day as you know it, and was displeased with the world. He gathered his mighty sons and said unto them: "GO FORTH INTO THE PAST MY SONS, AND PREACHED THE AWESOMENESS OF THE WAYS OF LEACH. CHANGE THE WAY THESE HEATHENS TREAT EACH OTHER THROUGH THE POWER OF ROCK'N'ROLL.

And so, they traveled back to the Land Before Leach and begun their holy work.


Scrap rock, a little bit o everything for all your proggy needs


The Swell Fellas

The Swell Fellas elicit a Psych/Progressive rock sound built from tight grooves, strong vocal harmony, and lengthy musical excursions. Bringing a jam band approach to live shows, their sonic journeys into the unknown ensure every show is as unique as their sound; energized and refreshingly unexpected.

Spawning from the oceans of Mother Earth comes rock from the moons of Jupiter.
Groovy. Introspective. A piece of them inside of you.

Conner Poole- Guitar/Vocals
Chris Poole- Drums/Vocals
Mark Rohrer- Bass/Vocals

Broke Body

Jackie: Guitar/Vocals
Sarina: Bass/Vocals
Rich: Drums

$5 ADV, $7 DOS

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