Radiator Hospital (Record Release Show!)

After 3 albums featuring the core live band lineup, Radiator Hospital returns to it's origins as a solo recording project with "Music for Daydreaming." RH founder Sam Cook-Parrott plays every instrument on the album, resulting in a laid back and intimate setting for his heart-worn ballads and modern punk torch songs. Inspired by the one-man-band studio creations of artists like Emitt Rhodes, Stevie Wonder, Prince, and The Toms, "Music for Daydreaming" brings new elements to Radiator Hospital's sound without losing it's signature loose charm and emotional vulnerability. Recorded once again with Jeff Zeigler (War On Drugs, Steve Gunn, Mary Lattimore), "Music for Daydreaming" is an album about life and the different ways people drift through it.

Born from a spit pact at Queen of Sheba in West Philadelphia, Big Nothing is four idiots completely out of touch with reality. They are hell bent on having a good time and bending the G string up to the note that the B string is playing. They worship Tom Petty and do a terrible job at representing that. Sometimes they want to tour a lot... other times they skip band practice to go to the mall... but no matter what, they will distract you from your meaningless life for twenty minutes - so give em a chance.

Swanning is the musical project of Cynthia Schemmer (guitarist in Radiator Hospital, managing editor of She Shreds Magazine) who released her debut 12" EP Drawing Down the Moon on Salinas Records this year. She is joined by Jeff Bolt (Swearin', Radiator Hospital), Ali Donohue (Fleabite), and Jen Twigg (The Ambulars, Fraktur).


Cherry is the new bedroom pop project from Russel Edling (ex-Kite Party). Lame-O Records is releasing his debut 7" Gloom in anticipation of a full length this fall. Reminiscent of bands like Beat Happening, Yo La Tengo and The Magnetic Fields, Cherry puts it's first foot forward into the class of great indie rock songwriters. Although this EP is completely done by Edling (from the recording to the mastering to the artwork), Cherry has recently put together a full band lineup including Justin Fox (ex-Kite Party), Spencer Combs (of Three Man Cannon) and Lame-O's own Eric Osman on drums.

$10.00 - $12.00


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