Scarlet Falls, Kia

Scarlet Falls are a Los Angeles-based, eclectic rock band who have been garnering great reviews since they started gigging around the greater LA area in 2018. ​
Starting as a duo, Skye Butterfield and Fletch Crossman played their first gigs at the Grafton Lounge on the Sunset Strip, playing original material with just a piano and vocals, and attracting a loyal following from locals. JJ Ross soon joined up to provide percussion, and as their sound became fuller they started looking around for a bassist. ​
When William Olivas joined the band - originally a guitarist, but adapting quickly to the role of bass player - the lineup was complete. Creating finely crafted contemporary songs with touches of traditional jazz and tight harmonies, Scarlet Falls have developed a distinctive sound that has been winning audiences from the Sunset Strip to the Silverlake Lounge. ​
They may still be a new band, but their songs are timeless and their live performances are electrifying. Catch them while they're still local!

KIA is a Dutch singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. Her brand of authenticity
consists of expressive sounds and raspy vocals, which she is ready to share with the
While music has always been a part of KIA’s life, she developed an affinity for jazz a
few years ago and decided to study at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Arnhem, The
Netherlands. During this period, KIA had the opportunity to work with American
musician, composer and producer Jason Lindner, and together they started shaping
her new sound. KIA has worked on several projects since, and now leads her own
band with which she has been crafting original music. Much like KIA’s own mixed
heritage, her sound is a blend of various genres; a base of neo-soul with touches of
jazz, funk, hip-hop, R&B and pop
Her lyrics are heartfelt and true, and wrapped in a soulful package. KIA is a
charismatic personality and a distinctive vocalist/songwriter/rapper who seeks to
touch her audiences with her passionate stories.



  • Scarlet Falls - 10:45
  • Kia - 11:35

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