Mystery Skulls is really the nom de plume of Los Angeles-based electronic artist Luis Dubuc. Formerly from Dallas, Texas, Dubuc sounds like Prince fronting Daft Punk, mixing his inspirations of '90's R&B and New Jack Swing with EDM music and futuristic sounds. Beyond Mystery Skulls, Dubuc is an active songwriter, producer and remixer, working with a wide range of genres and styles.

PHANGS is the dream pop notion of Nashville's Jake Germany. Blanketed in layers of synthesizers, steady pulsing percussion, and the memories of growing up in the early 90's, PHANGS stirs up familiarity and innovation under an umbrella of honesty.

M u l t i
D i m e n s i o n a l
H i g h
C o n t r a s t
I n t e r
G a l a c t i c
S o n g s t r e s s
D e P o p



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