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The Breathing Effect

The Breathing Effect is the music of Harry Terrell and Eli Goss, two lifelong friends and partners in music for over 10 years. Whatever melodies and rhythms exist in their minds ends up on their records. There are many influences and familiar sounds, including jazz fusion, experimental rock, funk and soul. They make this music for all those who are willing to listen, with love and care…

“To say that the newest release from Coco Columbia is one hell of a wild ride would be an understatement."
-Eleven PDX Magazine (2016)

"Coco Columbia's sophomore album, When the Birds Begin to Walk, reveals itself as an astonishing 10-track gallery piece."
-Willamette Week (2016)

Music school dropout Coco Columbia burst onto the Portland music scene in 2014 with her debut, Kickstarter-funded album “The Weight.” Columbia set aside her passion for jazz drumming to teach herself how to write songs, record, make beats, and play piano. Having never performed live, she put together a group of young Portland jazz musicians to learn her material.

Columbia released her sophomore record, “When the Birds Begin to Walk” last August to critical acclaim in the Portland music scene. Her music fuses infectious indie-pop melodies, off-kilter rhythmic feels, dreamy-eyed electro-soul soundscapes, and jazzy harmony to create her own brand of bumpin' future-pop.

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