Make It Up! Improv Fundraiser

Decatur Makers

We’re putting the fun in fundraising as Decatur Makers and Eddie’s Attic partner to hold Make It Up!, an Improv Show on May 7, 2019. Join us for a night of laughs, prizes and surprises, all to support Decatur’s inventive non-profit — and Atlanta’s only family-friendly makerspace (that’s us!)

Doors open at 6 p.m. for drinks, food and fun. Get scanned with Decatur Makers’ DIY full body 3D scanner, check out projects like a DIY electric guitar, play one-of-a-kind maker-made games — even try your hand at a make-and-take project of your own, including spin art from a DIY machine built from a refrigerator motor. You can also bid on an array of prizes at the silent auction and raffle.

Then enjoy a hilarious show of local Atlanta improv talent including Decaturites Madison Hatfield, Suzanne Elbon and Lew Lefton. Improvisors are coming from theaters all around town such as Dad’s Garage, Highwire Comedy, Village Theater, Shakespeare on Draught, and more.

For info, including deep dark secrets, on who's performing, go to

Buttered Bourbon

Live music pre-show by Buttered Bourbon

After meeting in Atlanta in 2014, Jared and Martha Jean quickly realized their musical chemistry. The close friends pull from varied musical backgrounds and the wide-ranging grab-bag that is Americana music, deftly maneuvering from folk ballads to swampy blues, classic country to straightforward rock. Buttered Bourbon’s sound is crafted to be both approachable and nuanced, breathing fresh air into old favorites and writing new tunes with a style blending sincerity and playfulness.

Dr. Lew Lefton

Dr. Lefton is a faculty member in the Georgia Tech School of Mathematics and the Assistant Dean of Information Technology for the Georgia Tech College of Sciences. He also has the role of Associate Vice President for Research Computing at Georgia Tech. Lefton is the founding director of Decatur Makers, a thriving family-friendly community makerspace in downtown Decatur. He is also on the board of the Southeast Makers Alliance and has been involved as a co-producer of Maker Faire Atlanta since 2014. Lefton has a bachelor of science degree in math and computer science from New Mexico Tech, and a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Illinois. He moved to Decatur in 1999. Lefton is also an accomplished and experienced comedian who has done stand up and improv comedy for more than 30 years.

Hannah Aslesen

Hannah Aslesen is an improv fanatic! Her duo group (Co-Worker’s) won the 2018 Atlanta Improv Festival Battle and now they tour around Atlanta and the country doing shows! She got her start back in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Brave New Workshop Theater. From there she moved onto HUGE theater before venturing down to Atlanta and joining Dad’s Garage Improv Theater where she is currently a member of the General Company and an instructor. More recently, she joined the Main Stage cast at Village Improv Theater where she also performs regularly in their improv and sketch comedy groups. If she could sum up improv in one sentence it would be this: “with improv, it should be about listening and not trying to be funny.” She stole that one from her idol Kristen Wiig. Want to know more? Just walk up and ask her! I swear she’s super friendly. Oh here’s some ammo to help you start up a convo…ask her about the time she was on Family Feud. That’s a real thing. Go ask her about it!

Freddy Boyd

Freddy Boyd is an Atlanta improvisor with the best shirts in the biz. Using his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, Freddy has engineered a way to solve a rubix cube with only 3 quarts of Canola oil and a sewing machine. Freddy is currently on the General Company at Dad’s Garage, The PoC team T-Boz at Village Theatre, and can be seen various other places on independent teams such as Freddy, Sara, and Andrew have a Dance Party, The Tipsy Zone, and Legend. Look for the white ’96 Olympics hat.

Bret Brammer

Bret Brammer: Village Theater

Bret is a local improviser and carpenter who has been practicing both crafts for the past nine years. He has trained at Highwire Comedy Co, Village Theatre, Dad’s Garage, The Robert Mello Studio, and The IO Theater and you can watch him regularly performing around town every week. @brammer_carpentry on Instagram if you are interested in his custom-made furniture, most of which he makes at Decatur Makers.

Sara Bresee

Sara Bresee has been improvising since her college days and won’t tell you when that is because then you will know her age. She has trained with Theatre 99, the Improfessionels, Dad’s Garage, Highwire Comedy, Amanda Rountree and Friends, The Robert Mello Studio, Village Theatre and The Annoyance. Currently, she improvises weekly with the Main Stage cast of the Village Theatre, the Harold team Five Points Forgotten and Freddy, Sara and Andrew Have a Dance Party. She performs, produces and directs with the video and stage sketch team the Non-Violet Offenders and with her best friend comedy duo Salty Bees with Courtney Overcash. She directs/produces several shows around Atlanta including The Improvised Vagina Monologues.

Suzanne Elbon

Suzanne started improvising about three years ago as a way to overcome shyness and be more comfortable meeting new people. She started with the only beginners class she could find that didn’t include a grad show at the end. It was so much fun that the fear of doing a show didn’t stop her from taking more and more classes. She has been a member of the Decatur Makers for over three years and is especially interested in woodworking and laser cutting. She discovered wonderful and amazing people in both communities and believes they allow people to connect in a way that makes the world a better place.

Madison Hatfield

Madison Hatfield is an actor, writer, and improviser based in Atlanta. She is a cabinet member of the award-winning theatre company Shakespeare on Draught, which brings charmingly underrehearsed Shakespeare to breweries and bars. You can also find her writing and performing sketch comedy with Eternal Slumber Party and improvising at various theaters around town. She does a pretty good Adele impression, so be on the lookout for that as well, just in general. Learn more at

Amanda Rountree

Amanda Rountree has been performing improvisational theatre professionally since 1992, teaching since 1998, and directing since 2002. She moved to the Atlanta area from Chicago, where she was a faculty member with the Second City Training Center. Previously, she performed/taught with Unexpected Productions and performed/directed with Playback Theater Northwest in Seattle. Find out about upcoming shows and classes at

Cody Sanders

Cody Sanders is an Atlantan actor and improvisor. He’s been making stuff up on stage since he was a kid, and he’ll continue to play as long as he can. Currently, he plays in improv teams Head Lettuce, Etc., and Cardigan Party.

Cole Wadsworth

Cole Wadsworth is a monkey that learned to talk and found a stage. He is grateful for every second he spends performing and appreciates you watching! He was going to do it anyways but it’s so much better with others.

Kristy West

Kristy West is a Certified Applied Improv Practitioner, Speaker, and Founder of BraveSpace. She has been performing, studying and teaching improv for almost two decades. Today, she blends her unique experience in improvisational comedy, corporate sales, and training to help teams and individuals practice critical communication skills and team collaboration in a brave space using the methodology of improvisation. Kristy is also a performer in local Atlanta Improv troupe The Founders. Twitter Handle @ImprovKristy. Website

$15.00 - $40.00


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