Chogyi Lama

Chogyi Lama

Woodstock, a town well known for incubating incredible talent, has a new guitarist to boast—20 year old Chogyi Lama—the most exciting young musician to come out of New York in quite some time.

A versatile, multi-instrument artist, Chogyi is a Shapesifter, moving intuitively across genres and styles in connection with whatever he is playing. Sitting in with some of the industry's most inspiring artists, he has come to be known as a remarkable guitar player with elegance, power and humility far beyond his years. His recent shows have called out his diverse, multigenerational audience who expected to hear some Hendrix, maybe some Zappa, and met a singer, songwriter and performer who continues to surprise and inspire them.

2017-2018 was spent performing with Simi Stone, 420 Funk Mob and others, including RYOT and Growlers Fests with the Bad Brains. Be on the lookout, for more from the Bad Brains fam and Chogyi’s been producing upcoming talent, nurturing collaborations and working on original music.

In the midst all of that, he found the time to independently release “Karma”-- written, played, recorded and produced in his home studio (powered by a crashing dinosaur of an Imac). The choice to single-highhandedly create this work was one that afforded him full freedom of expression. It’s out on all platforms

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