The Slipper Room Show: Slippery Sundays Burlesque

The Slipper Room Show: Slippery Sundays Burlesque

Slide on into this sexy, freewheeling romp and still be home in time to get your beauty sleep.

Muffy Styler

Muffy Styler lives a lush life in some of the most celebrated dives in the world where she sings jazz and enjoys twelve o'clock tails and never holds back saying what is on her mind. Her motto " Romance is mush, stifling those who strive"

Pinkie Special

Genius, Hula Hooping Entertainer, Special!

Topher Bousquet

The bendy, friendly contortionist and super hooper of NYC.

Karina Libido

Karina Libido is a Burlesque Performer based in NYC.
Ms. Libido specializes mostly in classic burlesque and especially enjoys performing with live jazz bands. However, she also has neo-burlesque and specialty acts. Karina has been performing at a range of venues throughout the city with such talented bands as Svetlana & the Delancey Five, Dan Levinson's Bogeymen, Gordon Au & The Grand Street Stompers, Broadway Brassy & The Brass Knuckles, as well as to the sounds of a live piano by Chris Johnson. Karina Libido is a beautiful addition to any event: she truly owns the stage and loves crowd interaction, her acts are full of wit and humor. You can also often see Karina as a Cigarette Girl, Art Model or a vintage go-go dancer. Please visit her website for more information, photos, videos and upcoming shows:

Alexander Boyce

Alexander Boyce brings elegant moments of wonder to the stage with a vintage hint and mystery.

Zero Boy is an East Village icon and vocal acrobat. His solo comedic routines have been featured throughout the U.S. and Europe in theater, vaudeville, burlesque, television and radio. Known as the evil Dr. Drago on Nickelodeon’s ‘Alien Dawn’, voices for animations and appearances Off-Broadway in the Yllana Production of ‘666’. He also performed regularly on NPR’s The Next Big Thing in a special “Stump Zero Boy” segment.

Sean Blue

NY based juggler and balancing artist

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