The Slipper Room Show: Glitter Gutter

The Slipper Room Show: Glitter Gutter

Fast and loose variety and burlesque, hosted by Slipper Room founder James Habacker.

James Habacker

James Habacker MC's the show in the guise of one of his various different characters. He is also the and Artistic Director of the Slipper Room. He's much older than he appears here in his picture.

Veronica Viper

Born and raised on the Lower East Side, Veronica Viper spends her time plotting the destruction of the sense of “normalcy”, opening the closed-minded with the force of a crowbar and challenging the dim witted to stare into the sun that is her bosom. Photo: Adrian Buckmaster

The Great Dubini

Master of the sleight-of-hand arts in action, the Great Dubini is regularly seen plying his trade at the crossroads of the world, right outside the Ripley's Believe It or Not! in Times Square. Familiar to Downtown audiences from his barnstorming appearances in both The Love Show and Sleep No More.

Evil Hate Monkey

Member of world renowned all male circus show spectacular BRIEFS & former winner of Mr Exotic World.

Ellie Steingraeber

Aerialist powerhouse

Rosie Cheeks

NY Burlesque Performer

Obsidian Absurd

Obsidian Absurd is a New York based performance artist and dancer with a background in belly dance, Butoh, and sword balancing. Obsidian is known for their queer characters and makes appearances in the Coney Island Circus Sideshow as the dancing mermaid.

Special Head

Special Head's performances attempt to bring us back to an age when performance and ritual were one and the same. Special Head writes: "I do what I do to better Understand myself and through that I hope to bring the audience closer to understanding who they are."

$12 (general admission) / $15 (door) / $30 (reserved seating)


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