Indigenous Awareness Week Kick-Ass Wrap Up Party



Indigenous Awareness Week is a celebration of Indigenous culture and knowledge which runs from March 18-22 this year on the main campus at the University of Calgary. 

This event sees an evening filled with music and celebration.  The DJs include local acts BLKFT, DJ Sonidef, and Painted Horse and DJ Kookum coming in from the Lower Mainland.  The night seeks to celebrate both Indigenous contemporary culture and the building of community.  We are proud to have the opportunity to host an event that sees three Indigenous DJs take the stage and also the inclusion of a DJ from the wider Calgary community.  We are also proud to be able to support an event that showcases the talents of both male and female DJs and hope the quality and inclusion of the event inspires others. 

All proceeds from ticket sales from this event will go to supporting other such events and initiatives facilitated by the Indigenous Students’ Council.

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