German grindcore band

Eisen, Taki, Geier and Radtke formed the German Grindcore act Blood in March, 1986. Originally just a band in which the members would only record and write material out of boredom, the band changed and become a full, serious unit when Ventilator joined them a year after their formation. The 'new' Blood eventually recorded and released three demos: "Heinous Noise" (1987), "Spasmo Paralytic Dreams" (1988) and "No Regret" (1988) and was able to obtain a record deal to release their debut full length, "Impulse to Destroy".

Thanks to the general success the album was able to gain, Blood released another official release, the "Recognize Yourself" EP. After some absence, "Christbait" was released in 1992, followed a year later by what is thought by many as the band's biggest success, "O Agios Pethane". The band continued increasing in fame and "Mental Conflict" (LP, 1994) and "Spittle Red of Blood" (EP, 1995) were recorded and released.

Blood was now quite popular amongst the underground fanbases, and were able to tour with various Grind/Death acts such as Fear of God, Dismember, Atrocity and Cripple Bastards. Their mixture of Grindcore and Death Metal sounded unique to many and it was evident that the band could only grow bigger.

Following nearly every release, various line-up changes but the band was able to establish and keep their latest for quite a while. "Depraved Goddess" was self-released sometime in 1996. The band's latest efforts are "Gas, Flames, Bones" (1999) and 2003's "Dysangelium".

Since May 2014 the band features again the original line-up from 1988.

Current members:
Martin Jäger alias Chicken (2) or Martin Witchskinner - Vocals (August 1988 - January 1992, March 1993 - November 1993, May 2014 - present)
Bernd Eisenstein alias Destroyer Eisen - Guitar & backing vocals (March 1986 - present)
Taki alias Satanic Taki - Bass (March 1986 - present)
Ventilator - Drums (June 1987 - November 2013, May 2014 - present)

Former members:
Slaughter Geier - Vocals (March 1986 - December 1987)
Bestial Bernd - Vocals (January 1988 - June 1988)
Chuck - Vocals (July 1988 - August 1988)
Alex Schulze - Vocals (February 1992 - February 1993)
Claus P. Oehler alias Clausi or Clausi the Corpse) - Vocals (March 1993 - May 2014)
Robert "Wenge" Wenglorz - Guitar (June 1991 - December 1991)
Ruben Funk - Guitar (January 1992 - May 1993)
Hanzi The Snail - Guitar (July 2007 - May 2014)
Evil Radtke - Drums (March 1986 - June 1987)
Gianni Cutrona - Drums (November 2013 - May 2014)


Formed in America in 1987 by Don of the Dead (bass), Jer the Butcher (guitar), Gregoroth (vocals) and Behemoth Bill (drums) they soon unleashed their first demo tape entitled "Ritual of Darkness". Shortly after one of many line-up changed occured, Jer and Bill were replaced by Rick Rancid (guitar) and John Sicko (drums). The second demo, "Rotting Christ", followed in 1989 and in 1991 Gregoroth and Sicko left the band. Don took over vocals and Von the Impaler joined as drummer and the third demo, "Impale the Soul of Christ on the Inverted Cross of Death" was released.

In 1995 Gregoroth and Jer the Butcher rejoined the band along with new member Jim the Sadist (drums) and they soon recorded a new demo called "Face of Evil", but shortly after the two members decided to leave the band once again. More line-up changed were made and the band became more productive as they released a wealth of splits, 7" EPs and singles the following years. Only a few full-lengths were released, "Hell's Unholy Fire" in 2000 and "Goat" in 2003 and live albums, "Radio Damnation" in 2000, "Devil Metal" and "One Night in Hell" both in 2001.

Squash Bowels

Grindcore band from Poland. Formed in April 1994.


Grindcore band from Mexico.
Founded in summer 1987 by by Adolfo (drums) and Pancho (bass & vocals).


American death metal group from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Sucessor of 'Apocalypse', predecessor of Medusa Oblongada.

Jef Jaeger, Leon Schendel (both former members) and Bryan Jaeger started the band - first named 'Apocalypse' in 1988. Became 'Viogression' while Bryan DeNeffe join band in 1989.

$27.00 - $30.00


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