No Vacation

No Vacation began in San Francisco in early 2015 and quickly received attention for the nostalgic sounds off their debut mixtape, Amo XO, and surf-rock single “Dræm Girl”. However, following the release of their second mixtape, No Vacation went on a indefinite hiatus. It was during this time in which the core members of No Vacation split between the East and West coast.

Currently based out of Brooklyn, Sabrina Mai, Nat Lee, Harrison Spencer, and Marisa Saunders reunited in 2017 to release their third and most awaited EP, Intermission. Intermission was written when No Vacation subsequently was “not a band” and expresses feelings of belongingness, regret and struggles of resilience. 
In Summer of 2019, No Vacation is set to release another highly anticipated EP and headline their first US and EU/UK tour.

You can't fully appreciate the long history of recorded music without taking the time to look at the breakups. Whether it's for good or for the season, Okey Dokey is the product of that natural reformation that occurs when musicians part ways. Fronted by visual artist Aaron Martin and The Weeks' guitarist Johny Fisher, these two former band mates made the rare decision to revisit creating music together in Fisher's small cabin about 20 miles outside of Nashville, TN. What occurred was a well blended mix of everything they loved about classic Motown combined with a dash of their psychedelic storytelling roots. With the record and touring band including a revolving group of musicians from bands such as Wild Child, The Weeks, Rayland Baxter Band (Practice), Morning Teleportation, Ron Gallo and Sol Cat, their upcoming debut album 'Love You, Mean It' has a little bit of treasure for every type of listener.

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