Tom Mackell (EP Release)

Tom Mackell

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Tom Mackell might surprise listeners with the southern influences in his music. After attending college in the south, he made the necessary pilgrimage to Nashville in 2015 to find inspiration, collaborate with diverse artists, and build his unique voice and sound that juxtaposes Northern roots against traditional Southern sounds. Tom’s style is as diverse as it is accessible, from easy listening, beachy tunes to late-night tailgate jams. Tom is no stranger to the road: he has toured across the nation with Sister Hazel as well as The Voice alumnus Tony Lucca. Now calling Charleston home, Tom has a new EP slated for Spring 2019 that will surely become a go-to record for any Americana, country, and acoustic music fan.

The Naked Sun

The Naked Sun, a 6-piece roots-rock band from Philadelphia, PA, enters a new year with the band's most moody sonic palette to date. Continuing in the spirit of their self-branded style of "honest-rock" the band will release their latest LP, Avec la Verite', Vous Avez le Droit d'Aimer (With the Truth you Have the Right to Love) - in Fall 2019. Throughout, they explore love’s darker side - the betrayals, the heartbreaks, and how many of us are left to cope with the aftermath. Songwriter Andrew Wesley Harris was inspired to write the songs after witnessing the relationships of some of his closest friends suffer the effects of the secrets people attempt to keep from one another. The first single, "Frozen Sand," introduces a character whose actions put him in a purgatorial existence and sees him wishing the sands of time would freeze. The LP is an authentic examination of romance and--as the title suggests--honesty in the age of lies.

Ami Yares

Ami Yares is a New Jersey-born, Jaffa-living, world traveling folk musician with a knack for making music that moves you physically, spiritually, & politically. Influenced by the spectrum of Americana music, Ami's music reaches out to Israeli & Arab culture in a yet-to-be-named fusion of styles. His music received attention from the seminal folk music magazine Sing Out! and referred to his first album as “a multicultural sharing of sounds that pay homage to his homeland.” In the last five years, he has toured in over twenty countries teaching and performing. You can see Ami thrive off the energy of staged performance. Off stage he earnestly teaches through music, inspiring people to seek social change in life empowering ways. He tours with his brother, Gavri Tov, in the roots fusion duo, The Brothers Yares, & they will embark on their third US tour this summer. This year, Ami plans to release three recordings; a solo EP, a Brothers Yares EP, & an album sponsored by the conflict transformation NGO, Seeds of Peace, that features musicians from Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Gaza, & the United States. No matter the day, you'll most likely find Ami with guitar in hand with a joyous grin celebrating the beauty of merging life & music



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