Lady Jane Album Release Show

lady jane (esperanza friel) grew up in the western mass area and spent most of high school recording songs on a tape recorder in her bedroom. after graduating from northampton high in 2009 she continued that tradition at marlboro college in vermont, writing music in her dorm room and occasionally playing songs for friends. after college, she started to play house shows and living rooms. her work from that time can be found on her bandcamp at since then, she has opened for soccer mommy at gateway city arts in holyoke mass, , toured up and down the east coast and in may of 2019 will be playing the music and art festival waking windows in winooski vermont . in the fall of 2018, she recorded her first studio album at sleepercave records in williamsburg mass. the seven tracks that make up "soft waltz" are from the last two years of heartbreak and euphoria.
she is currently working on her next full length album.

Shlomo Franklin

Growing up, Shlomo Franklin’s identity depended on where you met him. In Monsey, NY, he was a Hasidic Jew who spent his days studying Yiddish and the Torah at an ultra-Orthodox religious school. Roughly 75 miles north in Bethel, NY, he was a farmboy milking cows and baling hay in the rolling fields that surrounded the site of the iconic Woodstock festival. In his head, though, Shlomo Franklin was always a dreamer. Without access to TV, radio, or popular culture, he used his imagination to transcend the boundaries of his youth and create a world all his own. Now at the tender age of 22, he’s vividly brought that world to life with his stunning debut EP, ‘Don’t Love Anybody.’ Produced by GRAMMY-winner C Lanzbom, the stripped-down collection filters ’60s and ’70s folk rock through a thoroughly modern lens, tipping its cap to some of American music’s most iconoclastic songwriters.

Franklin’s songs situate him in a long lineage of troubadours and poets, who manage to make sense of our nonsensical world, who tackle well-worn emotional territory from the kind of fresh perspective that makes it feel like virgin ground. He wrings every ounce of honesty and emotion from the music when he sings, delivering a series of intimate, unforgettable performances. At some turns a gentle tremble, at others an eerie, raspy wail, his voice is hopeful but experienced, weary but insistent, often sounding as if it’s lived dozens more lifetimes than the man it belongs to.

$10/Adv, $13/Door


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