CUBE (Oakland)

CUBE is an experimental electronic music project from Adam Keith of Oakland, California. Musically, he touches on industrial, dub, techno, noise, and more, but does so with a distinctly personal, emotional touch — the spirit of a singer-songwriter lurks underneath his waves of distortion.

Emma James (FKA RedRedRed, Primary Colors, Dark Entries)



Bleach is the moniker under which Anthony Vannicola performs under. Having run his own warehouse space in his native Kansas City, Vannicola moved to LA and has since become an abrasive yet illusive addition to the city’s noise scene. Intent on leaving an impression with the listener – on which end of the spectrum, who cares – it’s about counteracting society’s apathy through sound performance: sharp shocks of frenzied noise that contort like abstract elements fighting for attention. With only two tracks readily available to listen on SoundCloud and an Instagram account that mainly consists of subliminal art, Vannicola encourages a physical reaction only attained by actually turning up. Whether you leave screaming or crying, he just wants you to feel.

Sean Pierce DJ ( PHX)

Sean Pierce is an artist and musician from Portland, OR currently based in Phoenix, AZ. He is one half for the experimental electronic group ASSS. Pierce has released music on labels based in London, Berlin, Glasgow, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle, and he has performed in many cities across North America and Europe. Sean Pierce's solo work often shifts between pristinely-produced moody techno, progressive synth-pop, and more abstract compositions that are glued together by his razor-sharp rhythmic sense, brilliantly processed samples, and his heavily personal grasp on both synthesis and sound design.



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