Rolling Stoners w. Little Man

Would you let your daughter marry a Rolling Stone?
Beware, these red-blooded ramblers have the goods. In short, a manifest revelation of early era Stones style calamity. Come spend the night together and tumble down some hot toddies. Stand up and get down while the Rolling Stoners light it up. Just remember that your mother is never off limits. After all, it's only rock n roll.

Little Man

From the mind of Chris Perricelli comes this lofty spiritual journey as heard and told through the music of Little Man. Like a small statured mythological being of which the band takes it's name, these songs act as catalyst to ones own personal journey. "Who am I really?" "What is enlightenment?" Investigating human emotions and attachments with many Zen inspired elements, Original Face will take you to the outskirts of infinity and back, and just then, you might see your true original face.

Hear the Bolan-esque boogie and horns on The Builder. Nods to Bowie with acoustic rhythms and Ronson like layered guitars throughout. Nods to both The Kinks and George Harrison's influence on Medicinal and take part in yelling out the modern rock anthems like Face.

Orbital Amusement is a six song EP that sonically delights with sputnik sounds, layered vocals and fuzzy pitch-bending guitars. While reminiscent of classics (Led Zeppelin I, Flash Gordon-era Queen), more modern sounds like that of The Black Keys, Wolfmother and Smashing Pumpkins abound on this heavy, lustful yet astral collection released in May of 2011.

With "Of Mind and Matter" (Eclectone Records) Little Man has combined the big hooks of classic Brit-Pop with something uniquely fresh. Recorded in an old hunting lodge in Chicago with producer Ed Tinley (Liz Phair, Ike Reilly), "Of Mind and Matter" takes the listener into a world of wonder. Traces of Led Zeppelin, T.Rex, the Kinks and David Bowie can be found in songs like "Don't Pray to Fantasy," "Talisman," "Get It To Ground" and "Not Quite so High." Drummer Dave Cottini joins the band for the recording of this album.

Little Man's third album "Soulful Automatic" generated a great buzz in the Twin Cities. The City Pages declared Little Man The Best Rock Band of 2007 with a cover story and The Minnesota Music Academy nominated Little Man's leader, Chris Perricelli (lead singer/guitarist/songwriter) with Guitarist of the Year. "Of Mind and Matter" continues "Soulful Automatic's" tradition of driving rockers and swoon-worthy melodicism.

The band's name is taken from a character who appears in classic folklore. The little man of mythology often joins the Hero on his journey towards self-awareness when he is most needed. He provides wisdom and talisman and steers the Hero towards the correct path. This small-statured creature is one of the band's primary inspirations.



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