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Kool Keith & Junkadelic Music Discography (2002-2016)
Kool Keith "Tashan Dorrsett/The Preacher" (2016)
Kool Keith "Total Orgasm 4" Ltd edition cassette (2016)
Kool Keith "Total Orgasm 4" (2016)
Kool Keith "Total Orgasm" 3CD boxset (2015)
Kool Keith "Acura b/w Hoodini" 7" (2015)
Kool Keith "Demolition Crash" 4LP (2015)
Kool Keith "Demolition Crash" Ltd edition cassette (2015)
Kool Keith "Tashan Dorrsett" Vocals + BPM edition (2015)
Kool Keith "Strip Club Husband" (2014)
Kool Keith "Paradise" (2014)
Kool Keith "Demolition Crash" 2CD (2014)
Kool Keith "Total Orgasm 3" (2013)
Kool Keith & Big Sche "Magnetic Pimp Force Field" (2013)
Kool Keith "Spectrum" (2013)
Kool Keith "Total Orgasm 2" (2013)
Kool Keith "Love & Danger" Deluxe Edition (2013)
Kool Keith "Love & Danger" 2 LP (2013)
Kool Keith "Total Orgasm" (2012)
Kool Keith "Love & Danger" 2 CD (2012)
Kool Keith "The Legend Of Tashan Dorrsett" (2011)
Kool Keith "Tashan Dorrsett" instrumental edition (2010)
Kool Keith "Booty Clap" 12" (2009)
Kool Keith "Tashan Dorrsett" 2LP (2009)
Kool Keith "Tashan Dorrsett" 2CD (2009)
Kool Keith "Collabs Tape" (2006)
Kool Keith " Lovely Lady" 12" (2005)
KHM "Clayborne Family" Ltd edition CD (2005)
KHM "Clayborne Family" 2 LP (2005)
Kool Keith "Diesel Truckers" Limited edition CD (2004)
Kool Keith "Official Space Tape" (2004)
KHM "Game" CD (2003)
KHM "Game" 2LP (2003)
Kool Keith "Space Tape" (2002)

Ced Gee

Cedric "Ced-Gee" Miller is an American hip hop producer from the Bronx, New York. He is best known as a member of Ultramagnetic MCs.[1] He received special thanks for his contributions to Boogie Down Productions' Criminal Minded, and he produced Tim Dog's "Fuck Compton". He has also worked alongside Antoinette, Bill Cosby, Blak Prophetz, Doug E. Fresh, Jeff Redd, Paperboy, Spaceman Patterson, Sybil, and Treacherous Three.

DJ A-L (Future Classic Music)

For over a decade DJ A-L (Aaron Ladley) has worked toward earning himself the right to be regarded as a highly talented, respected and recommended DJ and Producer in today’s music scene. In 2015, some of his highlights include being nominated as Denver's "Best DJ (Producer)" by the Westword, DJ'ing and Producing for the Hip Hop group, the Soul Pros as well as spinning multiple ongoing DJ residencies including the SNAP! 90's Dance Party in Denver. With years of experience in nearly every environment imaginable, DJ A-L has created a sound that is truly an original mix of both future and classic.


Flowalition has been together since 1996. Marz & Briz met while in High School and have been recording music together ever since. Flowalition has opened for such acts as Nas, Immortal Technique, Gza & R.A. the Rugged Man to name a few. Their sound is very dark with complicated rhymes and song structure. Their debut album "13 Days" was released July 10th 2007. Flowalition has worked with many producers over the years but finally found the production they were looking for from Grafik, from Proximity & JoBu.

Brizill – Rhyming since 8th grade, has opened for Nas, Immortal Technique, GZA, RA the Rugged Man, Flava Flav from Public Enemy, the Pharcyde, and many others. Brizill hit the scene with Flowalition and released the album “13 Days” in 2007.

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