THE LIBRARY MUSIC FILM - Philadelphia Premiere

THE LIBRARY MUSIC FILM - Philadelphia Premiere

You’ve heard examples of the genre as the theme songs for television programs like MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL and THE PEOPLE'S COURT, or in film scores such as DAWN OF THE DEAD and EMMANUELLE, but despite its audible familiarity, the story of Library Music has remained a mystery for over half a century.

Composed and recorded specifically as an “off the shelf” option for use in film, broadcasts, and advertising, Library Music was a cheap alternative to commissioning an original composer-penned soundtrack. Thousands of albums were recorded during the genre’s heyday from the late sixties to the mid-eighties with composers leading full orchestras in the creation of innovative music that was never intended to be heard without accompanying imagery. Producers and tastemakers have utilized the genre in contemporary times and can be heard in the work of modern hitmakers including Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Gorillaz.

THE LIBRARY MUSIC FILM explores the genre’s development and origins as well as its modern cult following. UK-based producer/collector Shawn Lee travels the world to meet with the genre’s top composers and most obsessive collectors in this definitive documentary on the best music you’ve never heard.

2019 Cinedelphia Film Festival : April 11-20

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