The Supervillains

The Supervillains

The Supervillains have been brewing an explosive cocktail of feel good grooves that blend Reggae, Punk, and Funk in a melting pot that has been breaking boundaries for almost a decade. With that much time invested, their fan base grows like a weed and in turn, the 'Villains stir their audiences into a frenzy that no other mainstream or underground act can hold a candle to. The results of these factors are in the band's 4th studio release, Grow Yer Own. The album volleys splendidly throughout...going back and fourth from Operation Ivy speed punk to Sublime licked reggae, and (since the band comes from deep within the Florida Swamplands) at times Dom (drums) & Skart's (guitar) vocals will emphasize a catchy sing-along "Sweet Home Alabama" type chorus all while keepin' a groove as deep as Funkadelic. *

Audic Empire

Audic Empire was formed in late 2010. Since then they have been turning heads in the Austin music scene with their psychedelic, Reggae/rock and feel good tunes. They have a high intensity performance and an astonishing sound with the contrast of two singers, their Red Hot solo Guitarist, and rock solid rhythm section. Audic Empire has played with numerous great artists and festivals. Audic's first... album Sativa SunRise will be debut in 2014, but they have released their Sativa Sunrise EP which is available on, Hard copies are also available. You can listen and download songs from,, and will also be coming soon to iTunes. With the rapid growth of their reggae/rock sound, Audic Empire is on the rise with their journey to produce a unifying sound wave of love and music.

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