The Georges

The Georges

The Georges started with four guys that had a dream to play an
amalgam of Rockabilly, (good) early country with strong ties to the
Bakersfield sound, and the music of their heroes, The Fab Four. What
results with their originals is a melodic blend of catchy, danceable
music that gets folks a movin’ and a shakin’ on the dance floors of
legendary Texas venues like Gruene Hall. Added to their sets are
covers from the likes of Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, Elvis and other all
time greats. The band also pride themselves on their presentable and
some might say, rather dapper stage look. Joining the band in May of
2013 are Texas music greats (And former Two Tons Members) Dennis
Fallon and Chris Dodds on guitar and drums, respectively, and
respectfully. Holding down the low end on the upright bass is Aaron
Covington, who has played with Turbo 350, on tracks recorded at Sun
Records in his hometown of Memphis and also had a part as Jerry Lee
Lewis' bassist in the movie Walk The Line. The Georges will keep
rockin' and keep y'all dancin' through the Hill Country and beyond!
Come see 'em to see what the fuss is all about!



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